Saturday, April 15, 2006

a Minnesota shower

These are highlight photos; click here if you'd prefer to see the album of the entire trip.

We started our trip to Minnesota with a shower/pre-baptism party thrown by godparents-to-be Beth & Steve at which Kristin got to meet a few of the Kristin's childhood friends, including (pictured here with Beth) new godbrothers Liam & Lucas, and, of course, her god-guinea-pig.

Also at the party were childhood friends Sonia and Barry; Barry's here with five-month old Trevor, who's a little shy -- but interested!

Fern, however, is generally more interested in falling asleep, although I thought maybe I saw a glimmer in her eye. Maybe that was just the flash, though. She's pictured at right; this time Janna is holding her and Trevor's with his mom, Sonia.

Janna's boys were unfortunately not able to make the party, but at least that meant she got a lot of good Fern time!

We'll close on a picture of godgrandmother (are there such things?) Marge with Fern and Lucas.