Monday, June 19, 2006

experiencing the playground

We took a long walk today in the stroller, down to Peet's in the Castro and then back through the playground, where we hung out for over an hour, a stroller outing of two hours. As always, F.E. was pretty interested in the park. It's not really a "look-at-me-I'm-smiling" kind of happy interest; it would be better to describe her as fascinated, constantly looking around her and taking things in.

Today, Fern was specifically interested in people. There were a lot there today (summer break, I guess), of a wider variety of ages than usual. She also continued a trend of enjoying being on her own; that is to say, not being held, but sitting or propping by herself. That's a bit of a challenge, however, since she can't balance herself in any position, and moreover I only had the small blanket with me. (She's never left my arms or the stroller in the park before.) I wound up sitting on the ground with Fern between my legs, supported but not held. She was happy and just watched people around her for at least 20 minutes until she got hungry.

I find myself often wanting to blog when I want to document an experience like this, but without any pictures or otherwise interesting tidbits. In those cases, I'm just going to post on the blog, but not send out the mass e-mail.

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