Saturday, December 23, 2006

A toast to toast

Fern's latest eating adventure has been into small items that can be manipulated by hand. She's been eating banana and avocado pieces for a good few weeks now, and also some special baby crackers that dissolve with just the barest hint of saliva.*

Within the past two weeks, though, Fern's been making forays into the world of chewed foods: more realistic crackers, hard boiled egg bits, and as pictured, toast, her hands-down favorite. It's gotten to the point where we have to feed her the usual baby goo first or else she'll just demand more toast and other chunk-food!

Note: There were actually several pictures from this set that came out nicely, so I posted them all. Click on "feeding" next to "Related Photos" below if you'd like to see the rest!

*Apologies if this is gross to you... I'll just say that, well, I could tell you some stories that are much, much grosser!