Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

DSC_0012Another post from Kristin...

As you’ve probably figured out, blogging has become more and more difficult as Fern has gotten older—for one, she’s become more attuned to the camera, often wanting to use it herself in the same way that she wants to use our cell phones (not advised, by the way, as I recently discovered when my cell phone crashed to the floor as she dropped it from her high chair—thank goodness for cell phone insurance!).

For another, if she spies a computer in use, she also wants that for her own purposes of tickling Elmo, making it difficult for us to complete our own tasks.

Her technophilia is only one of many ways in which she’s following in daddy’s footsteps … she also loves digging in the sand for crabs and dipping her toes in the ocean. Next thing we know, she’ll be saving seals and blogging on her own. What will she write?!