Thursday, March 02, 2006

Kristin's first solo outing!

Sleeping in the back seat
Out like a light
Kristin went out to an appointment today (just an hour or so) and took Fern with her — the first time on her own! Things went just great; as is typical, she usually falls asleep as soon as the car turns on. (Fern, that is, not Kristin.)

Interestingly, because we've got a hybrid Civic, the gas engine turns itself off at intersections, and, sometimes, Fern stirs a little bit because of it! You might just be able to catch her whine about to start in the photo below. (If you can't really see it, here's a link to a huge version!) Thankfully, once the light turns green, she settles again into the vibration of the car.

Fern in the rear view
Waking up when the engine auto-stops