Saturday, March 18, 2006

an outing with Fern's grandparents

Saturday came, and Alan & Laura came over with rolls & berries (a pleasant surprise breakfast!) to get us ready for our museum outing. Of course, getting ready for an outing is never all the assorted tools & materials required for keeping a baby happy, so we called on grandma Lola to comfort & hold while we ran around taking care of all that. Then we were off on our long walk into the new De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park.

We brought the stroller along with us, although it turns out that was mostly to carry our bags and coats. (Fern spent the entire four-mile walk in her Baby Björn!) She was an angel, though. Not too interested in the art (what can you expect? it was modern), but she seemed to enjoy being outside, hearing and smelling and maybe even seeing new things.

The museum has an attached garden, and although I question the landscaper's logic in putting them in all the sunny spots, the place is teeming with ferns! So we had to take at least one photo of Fern & parents in amongst her namesake plants:

at the museum