Sunday, May 14, 2006

first mother's day celebrations

OK, I know I'm still behind, but I'm catching up bit by bit!

Among the many fringe benefits of parenting is getting to celebrate mother's and father's day as the honored, not just the honorer. Between the cruelly elided President's Day (how rude to Messrs. Washington and Lincoln, not to mention gazillions of school kids!) and the beginning of summer vacation there are four months I remember as the holiday doldrums. Apart from the Easter break, we had to all that time celebrating just our parents! With time, of course, we came to like that arrangement, all the more so now that we get some of the honors! Kristin's first Mother's Day came with many cards, calls, and thoughts from friends and family. Locally, she was honored by a number of gatherings, as well.

First off, Jewel made a tasty brunch on Mother's Day itself, which we ate outside on Ken & Jewel's beautiful patio. Fern really seemed to enjoy the sunny day. We've been advised that she should be exposed to sunlight often, but indirect sunlight only. As you can see, the courtyard here at K & J's is perfect! (Sadly, Jewel was so busy preparing and serving our fantastic meal that we didn't get a chance to pose her with Fern! We'll have to make up for that soon.

The next week, Deb and Erica came over; we'd been missing them during their fantastic trip to Africa! On a whim, instead of going out we decided to cook in, and jointly put together a fun stir-fry. Everyone (well, Fern excepted) participated in at least some way, with a chop or a mix or a stir or a fry, and all agreed it was a great way to celebrate in a relaxed way.

Sandra and Jessica came over and took Kristin out for a special celebration down at The Metro, with Graham helping by staying home with Fern. Before the party, of course, they needed to get some time in with the girl, who unfortunately was close to her bedtime and so not the cheeriest company. But, groggy and all, she was still the belle of the ball!

And capping a wonderful week of mother's day celebration, Graham's mom visited for some multiple-mother symmetry. Fern and Graham both gave their moms "digital picture frames" (click here if you have no idea what I'm talking about!) which slowly cycle through our photo albums. Now they can look up from work and be greeted a new random image of a smiling F.E. every minute! In return, Linda gave Fern all sorts of things, not the least of which was a nice place to sleep and some loving attention...

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