Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day in Yosemite

Joan and Gary (and Primo and Fratello, of course) stopped in Yosemite as part of a two-week driving trip of the American West. We California kids couldn't miss the chance to see them, especially as they'd rented a beautiful and large house in Wawona for all of us, so Kristin, Graham, Fern, Ken, and Jewel made the trip into the Sierra with our girl! Although we were a little nervous about the road trip, F.E. did great; one or the other of us would occasionally sit in back with her, but mostly she slept or played to herself, and we all enjoyed our rest stops.

As many of you know, Gary's quite a photographer, who's contributed many photos of Fern to her blog. In Yosemite, Gary got some beautiful frames of majestic natural splendor (click on the photo of Yosemite Falls from Glacier Peak at left for a sample of what I'm talking about). He's terrific at portraiture, too; check out this fun series from the cabin's porch. (There are quite a few more photos than I could fit on this page; click here for a larger selection!)

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