Tuesday, July 18, 2006

no more casts!

With her podiatrist, Dr. Chen with Masi the cast room tech Bill the orthopedic tech Sorry to be so slow to report this, but yes, Fern's casts are off! We had one last appointment with Dr. Chen, where x-rays showed that Fern's feet had corrected pretty well. The left foot is on track, and the right foot has improved, although she may need to wear a corrective shoe when she starts to walk. At the last appointment, we got to say goodbye to Dr. Chen (pictured, far right) and Bill and Masi, the cast room techs who'd gotten pretty used to having Fern around!

Once those casts came off, Fern fairly quickly got around to enjoying her free feet in the way she's enjoying everything these days: tasting!

no feet
No feet...
one foot
One foot...
two feet
Two feet!

If you've missed the story, here are the previous entries in the casting saga: Fern's finicky feet; cast progress.

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