Saturday, October 14, 2006

On the beach in San Diego

We took a family trip to see Grandma Linda and Uncle Greg in San Diego, and Fern got her first look at the beach! Strange, I know, since we live so close to it ourselves, but San Diego's beaches are just nicer -- and warmer, even in October! Here are a few shots of the outing, but the unfortunate (and not surprising) truth is that Fern would not look at the camera. The sand, seaweed, and surf was just too interesting. You'll have to just take our word for it: she loved it! The proof's in the sandy feet...

Fern got some good quality time with grandma & uncle, too... check out the mango-smeared lips in the first photo below! There are quite a few more San Diego pictures. Click here for the show, or here are some thumbnails: