Tuesday, May 23, 2006

cast progress

The girl's got will!

Many people have asked us about the progress of Fern's serial casting (click here for the start of this story, if you missed it). The podiatrist believes that she'll be through the treatments by the first or second week of July, but a lot depends on F.E. herself, now... You see, she's gotten pretty willful about the casting experience, and the more she struggles and kicks, the less likely the casts are to stay on her feet for the entire week.

Here's the progression. First, she'll have the casts put on by one of the techs, as in the first picture at left. As Masi the tech concentrates on Fern's right foot, you can see Fern herself concentrating nearly as much on wiggling her feet to create a gap for a future escape. In the photo at right, you'll notice both casts still on. Fern, by the way, is modeling pantinis that were a gift from Joan's little friend Madeline.

Then, usually within a day or two (and sometimes that very evening), Fern will happily work her way out of one of the casts. This very appropriate sea-star outfit was a present from Kristin's friend Elisa, and shows the sole remaining cast (hee, hee).

Finally, Fern often kicks that second cast off, too. In that case, we're back to the cast room again! Not surprisingly, they're getting to know us pretty well down there these days.

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