Saturday, October 28, 2006

The godmother

Another post by Kristin...

Beth made a trip out to San Francisco this weekend to drop in on her goddaughter and found her ready to play! It's been years since Beth & I have had such leisurely time together --- what a treat it was!


Friday, October 20, 2006

Grandma Joanie in San Francisco!

Grandma Joan paid a visit this weekend. The weather was beautiful, typical of San Francisco in early autumn, so we frequented the playground. The first photo shows Fern in "the tunnel," a sloped cylinder that was her favorite place to crawl when she was still learning. Strange, really, because it's slippery and sloped, and so probably the very worst place to learn. I guess she likes a challenge!

Upon hearing that our cell phones have become Fern's favorite toys, Joan hunted down a baby-friendly cell phone with chewable buttons and various recorded sounds ("Hello?", "¡Hola!", and a cool ringtone that goes off when you shake it).

Joan also did another babysitting stint (you'll remember she was here for our anniversary) so Kristin and I could have our second postpartum date and both came through with flying colors!

I may be disowned for having taken a photo showing Joan's glasses... wait, are those glasses? I think it's just a trick of the light!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

northward bound

Continuing the weekend trip, Uncle Greg drove us up to L.A. to visit with Grandma Lola & Grandpa Alan (aka "Grumpy"). They gave Graham a brand new fancy camera for his birthday, so count on lots of fun shots in the weeks to come -- once he figures out how to use it!

I got a few more nice shots there; here's the link to the whole bunch.


Saturday, October 14, 2006

On the beach in San Diego

We took a family trip to see Grandma Linda and Uncle Greg in San Diego, and Fern got her first look at the beach! Strange, I know, since we live so close to it ourselves, but San Diego's beaches are just nicer -- and warmer, even in October! Here are a few shots of the outing, but the unfortunate (and not surprising) truth is that Fern would not look at the camera. The sand, seaweed, and surf was just too interesting. You'll have to just take our word for it: she loved it! The proof's in the sandy feet...

Fern got some good quality time with grandma & uncle, too... check out the mango-smeared lips in the first photo below! There are quite a few more San Diego pictures. Click here for the show, or here are some thumbnails:

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

visiting mommy at work!

Fern and I got to go visit Kristin at work today thanks to a confluence of things (too loud in the house, need to move the car, etc., etc.). Fern loved it, of course, although she was so amazed by everything around that she sort of forgot to eat much, so the afternoon was just a touch cranky! That soon smoothed out, though... we'll just have to visit work more often so she gets used to it!

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Monday, October 02, 2006

playing along with the music

born musician
born musician
: looking a little intense!

Another entry by Kristin...

As you may recall from an earlier entry by Graham, Fern has been very responsive to music of late, particularly Music Together songs. At times, it has almost seemed as though she's requesting music---on her changing table one night, I had forgotten to play her bedtime songs (part of our nightly routine), and she started moving her hands up and down as if to remind me, and was delighted when I turned on the CD. She's even started transferring this response to other music; her favorite of late is "Little Shoemaker" which is a song my mom used to sing while rocking me to sleep. We've even started playing piano together; she sits on my lap and pounds on the keys, clearly enjoying the noise she produces!

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