Friday, October 20, 2006

Grandma Joanie in San Francisco!

Grandma Joan paid a visit this weekend. The weather was beautiful, typical of San Francisco in early autumn, so we frequented the playground. The first photo shows Fern in "the tunnel," a sloped cylinder that was her favorite place to crawl when she was still learning. Strange, really, because it's slippery and sloped, and so probably the very worst place to learn. I guess she likes a challenge!

Upon hearing that our cell phones have become Fern's favorite toys, Joan hunted down a baby-friendly cell phone with chewable buttons and various recorded sounds ("Hello?", "¡Hola!", and a cool ringtone that goes off when you shake it).

Joan also did another babysitting stint (you'll remember she was here for our anniversary) so Kristin and I could have our second postpartum date and both came through with flying colors!

I may be disowned for having taken a photo showing Joan's glasses... wait, are those glasses? I think it's just a trick of the light!