Friday, September 08, 2006

adventures in Tennessee!

This weekend, the whole family flew to Luke & Morgan's wedding in Monteagle, Tennessee. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the actual festivities, but I did get a couple of Fern. In the first, I'd turned my back for just a second to prepare Fern's food; when I looked back, she'd managed to snag one of the wedding favors from the kitchen counter. Yes, indeed, that is a tiny bottle of Jack Daniel's, a local favorite there. (Monteagle's only a quick hop away from the distillery.)

Fern mostly hung out with one or the other of us; she came along to some of the festivities, or I stayed with her when Kristin went off to do girl stuff. For the ceremony and reception itself, though, Fern stayed with cousin Kamryn and her grandparents on Mark's side, Mike and Linda. Unfortunately, the travel plus her newly budding separation anxiety combined to make her not very good company while we were gone, despite all the efforts of Mark's folks and Kamryn (who kept bringing Fern toys and patting her on the arm, we're told). So we beat an early retreat from the dinner, and we're happy to say that Fern perked up immediately!

Another exciting development: Fern didn't cry at all on the return flight, and not much more than that on the way out, either. After just three airplane trips, it seems she's getting to be a seasoned traveler!

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