Thursday, February 23, 2006

baby acupuncture

baby acupuncture
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Not really! Please don't call the authorities!

Today, we went to see Carol, Kristin's acupunturist. Carol's helped Kristin since before the pregnancy; she's had some good practical tips on dealing with the various aches and pains of pregnancy, labor, and post-partum.

And no, Fern did not undergo any needling! (We'll wait a while for that, thank you!) Carol did have a number of tips on baby massage, however, some of which we'd already discovered. Kristin has found that gentle stroking of the forehead can calm Fern down enough to start eating, and I rub her feet on the changing table to relax her; Carol recommended both of those and more.

It was such a nice day up here that an outing was also a nice change; we're definitely missing getting out of the house!