Friday, February 17, 2006

first pediatrics appointment

resting with grandma Linda
A nice shot of Fern recovering with grandma Linda, after the adventure of her first pediatrics appointment. We met with Dr. Goodman this morning, whom we can only describe as fantastic. He's gentle, extremely skilled, and, best of all, realistic: he suggested Schapps as a colic remedy -- for the parents! On a less tongue-in-cheek note, he also had some great ideas about colic, including having Kristin drink fennel tea to help Fern's digestion; our friend Ann, Emma's mom, had reported success with the very same thing. Dr. Goodman reminds me of my own pediatrician, Dr. Fricker (except, of course, without the chain smoking... it's a different age!), whom I always loved.

We got some new measurements at the hospital, too. Most significant is that Fern now weighs 9 pounds 10 ounces, which means that she regained her birth weight and then some; Dr. Goodman was thrilled by that! Her head now measures 14.5 inches, too, which means either it grew two and a half inches in the past two weeks or else they didn't measure it too well in the hospital. (We're leaning toward the latter explanation!)