Wednesday, February 01, 2006

still waiting, the reprise

So, no amazing information today. We had an appointment with the OB this morning and found that Kristin is still 1cm dilated, but now 70% effaced (we were at 20% last week). According to various experts, first-time mothers usually efface fully before dilation starts at all, which means we might be just about ready to start! The doctor did schedule us in for induction on February 10th, “just in case,” but she doesn’t expect it’ll come to that. In fact, she’s doing her rotation in the delivery ward tomorrow (Thursday), and she half expects to see us there! Which would be nice, since Feb. 2 is both Greg’s birthday (my brother) and, of course, Groundhog Day!

We also scheduled the first “non-stress test” for Kristin & the baby tomorrow. (It’s a form of monitoring they do on post-term pregnancies, just to make sure all is well.) I might need one, myself: my car was broken into last night, and I locked us out of the house today. I seem to be unready for the complications of everyday life, let alone fatherhood!