Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fourth of July

There were way too many pictures for me to post them all on the blog: make sure you check out the photo site!

We traveled to Minnesota for the annual St. Anthony Park Fourth of July parade and picnic, which is an incredible affair, like something out of The Music Man. An updated version, perhaps: groups marching included Neighbors for Peace and a wheelchair contingent from the convalescent home, foreign adoptees (all carrying their birth nations' flags), boy and girl scouts, various local dignitaries (including St. Paul's mayor!), and lots and lots of neighbors.

With Mom in front of the library relaxing in the stroller

That's Kamryn in the background on the right; Fern got to spend some nice time with her cousin over the days we were there. (Meaning, of course, that we got to see Mark & Ali a lot, too! For some reason, they don't make it into as many pictures as Kamryn...)

Fern and Kamryn

Let's not forget our hosts, Joan and Gary!

Gary reads to Fern, who eats the book Joan and Fern, Minnesota summer

Luke and Morgan were able to come to town for the parade and spend some time with us and their niece, too.

Luke, Kamryn, and Fern Luke & Fern

Being in Minnesota, we also got to spend some time with Kristin's childhood friends, including Rekha, her sister Sujata, and Sujata's family.

Rekha and Fern in Joan's kitchen friends at the pool

Some more of Kristin's oldest friends; we met up at the parade!

Kristin, Janna, and Sonia

And, of course, the godfamily; here's goddad Steve with Fern, who's nearly twice as big as when she was christened.


Many apologies to all those who were somehow missed with the camera! (I'm getting sloppy, I know... Sorry!)

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