Tuesday, July 11, 2006

solid food

Fern wants the grilled cheese

We started getting the idea that Fern was interested in our food by the way she watched us intently every time we ate. In the photo (sorry it's a little small; click to see it bigger), she's grabbing insistently at Kristin's grilled cheese sandwich.

here it comes! So, we've been introducing Fern slowly to solid foods, one new item each week per our pediatrician's advice. She started off with rice cereal, which she's a fan of, as you can tell. (The first meal was on July 11th, for those of you keeping score!) Now she's up to banana moosh, and we'll start on sweet potato soon!

Sometimes Fern is so intent on getting her new and beloved food that she'll go so far as to lick the tray!

there's some more food, right there! yuuuummmm!

Click the flickr link below if you want to see all the feeding photos!

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