Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lights, Camera ... Santa!

Another post by Kristin!

We recently visited friends Jane, Jon, Justin and Jason and found ourselves entering a winter wonderland as we turned onto their street—the entire block was ablaze with Christmas lights, and every lawn featured numerous holiday figures, many of which were animated.

Fern was beside herself with glee—clapping, laughing, waving, cooing, and nearly jumping out of my arms to get closer to the action (responding in much the same way she had with the sea lions and with a Macy’s holiday show featuring Mary Poppins).

People appeared to have driven from all over to see the lights, evidenced by the number of cars packed along the street, inching their way down the block. One neighbor reportedly pays $3,500 a month in electric bills. It was, to say the least, quite … um … stunning.

Perhaps the brightest light of all was Jason, who was celebrating his fifth birthday that day and wanted to be photographed in front of every display, grinning from ear to ear.