Sunday, April 16, 2006

an Easter album

Hey all! Sorry for the delay in getting these up; there was so much to do in Minnesota, I've not been able to post until now! Here are a few shots from the christening day. I've also posted a slide show of all the photos from this trip at this link.

First off, we unfortunately only got one photo of the fourth-generation christening gown, which my mom fixed up (and in parts, rebuilt!) just for the occasion. (It was worn by my brother, mother, grandmother, and great-aunts. I'm not sure how I got out of it!) In this photo, we're just getting ready to go. She kept the lovely gown on for the entire ceremony, but unfortunately, had an, ahem, accident immediately afterwards, so we had to switch her into a backup outfit it before we could get any photos. The backup's got a history, too: it was my mom's when she was a baby.

The baptism itself was lovely, and Fern was a doll during the ceremony; her few slight moments of fussiness were taken care of by a walk with new godmother Beth, shown here with godfather Steve. Pictured in the center is Blair, St. Matthew's new rector and the officiant today. Fern seems to like hymns -- my theory centers on the vibrations in the church, but maybe I'm being too scientific; mabye she just likes the music!

Blair gave a lovely homily, celebrated the baptism, and then Fern got to travel around the church a bit meeting everyone. Not the first time she's been the center of attention, of course, but the largest number of people!

Finally, one last cute photo of Fern at her most contented, enjoying the bustle and attention!