Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter friends!

These are highlight photos; click here if you'd prefer to see the album of the entire trip.

Fern got to meet (and see again) a lot of friends from Minnesota during our Easter holiday there. In addition to those she met at the shower, here are some more of her new (and continuing!) admirers. In this first photo, at right, Fern is meeting a fellow St. Matthew's parishioner (and the grandmother of Kristin's childhood friend Alison), also named Fern!

Fern the elder is in her 90s, which fits with what we've found: most Ferns in this world seem to be of her generation. It's possible that trend will change: we're told that a new version of Charlotte's Web is coming out soon with Dakota Fanning playing our daughter's namesake. I expect there might be a few more Ferns around soon...
Here's a few of the many people who visited Fern this week. Apologies in advance to the many visitors who are not pictured... we are still assembling our photos (and I think we missed a couple folks, too, I'm afraid!).

Rekha's mom Karin


god-grandmother Marge, with Joan


And, just for fun, one last picture of Trevor!