Saturday, April 01, 2006


Another post by Kristin...

Fern had her first round of immunizations yesterday. Fortunately, we had already experienced her highest-volume scream before this, although it was nonetheless a rather heart-wrenching moment to witness, but a giant hug calmed her down immediately. Aside from the screaming, she did great with minimal fussiness afterwards and, thank goodness. no fever. Today she seems to have fully recovered as this photo attests---note that we have started occasionally facing her outward in Sven (i.e., the Baby Bjorn) now as she is increasingly able to hold her head up with little intervention.

And the verdict is in ... she now weighs 12 lbs 9 oz and is 23 in long! Dr. Goodman was very pleased with her progress. We have a follow-up appointment with a pediatric podiatrist this coming Wednesday to check on her right foot, which appears to be bent inward. The likely outcome is that we will need to do special massages on her foot to straighten it. I'm afraid I'm the one who passed this on to her---I too was born with a bent foot (the possible diagnosis is "flexible metatarsus adductus" and it is, sigh, thought to be inherited).