Thursday, February 02, 2006

the "non stress" test

So we woke up this morning of our test to painful contractions, the worst so far, which is very exciting! The test itself is going great, except little Fern was asleep for the first part of it, which doesn't exactly bode well for future scholastic success. Nurse Debbie woke her up with a baby-waker that made that horrible noise of the copier jamming... that woke her! (It would make a great alarm clock for me... I might have to invest in one.)

We got a new ultrasound, too, which confirmed that Fern is definitely Fern! Sorry, Milo, you'll have to wait...)

The picture is a contraction... cool, huh? (Easy for me to say...) And the audio, if it comes through, is a resting heart rate of 140!

Looks like it might be today or tomorrow!