Sunday, February 12, 2006

our first stroll!

Today was our first outing in the stroller! We'd originally had high hopes to make it all the way to the zoo, but decided that might be a little ambitious and opted for the Panhandle of Golden Gate Park instead. Deb & Erica came over and we waited a couple of hours for Fern to finish nursing (she seems to do that sometimes) and fall asleep. Then it was off to the streets in our fun car-seat-compatible stroller!

Horrors. Graham, naturally, locked the house keys inside, and since he'd done the same thing just last week, the spare was not in its usual hiding place. Note the panicked look on Graham's face: we called around our spare-key-holders, and luckily found Alex & Jo Anne were still home, if only just; they were on their way out!

So our jaunt in the park became a dash up to our friends' flat, which, as you can see, gave Fern a taste for a key feature of her San Francisco birthplace: hills! We made it there, though, and retrieved the set of spares. A warning to those of you who live within two or three miles of us, though: we may be sending you a set of spare keys soon!

There are a few more photos of the outing here.