Thursday, February 16, 2006

whom does she look like, part 2

The unavoidable debate over which parts of Fern look most like whom continues unabated. We finally dug out some baby pictures of ourselves in order to compare, and we found, basically, that there's no way to tell. (The photo at right, by the way, is Fern's "official" hospital photo, for which we couldn't get much of a smile. At least they posed her with her fellow Charlotte's Web character Wilbur!)

So here's Kristin as a baby; not the clearest picture, as you can see, but at least it shows all the hair she had when she was born! There's also something in the nose... but maybe that's an optical illusion?

And here's Graham as a baby. I think my nose is much narrower, but the general consensus is that Fern's nose comes from my side. Any opinions of your own? Feel free to post!

So all we can agree on is that we both contributed to Fern's hair!
Here's a slide show of the baby pictures at their full sizes; you can decide for yourselves!