Sunday, February 19, 2006

weekend visitors!

Fern and RekhaWe had several nice visits this weekend. Kristin's childhood friend Rekha came by on Saturday for a visit; Fern was sleepy but cuddly! Here are the photos we got of them together.

Fern and Jane
Sunday morning, Jon & Jane, our good friends from San Carlos, brought us bagels & cheer! They unfortunately couldn't see Fern earlier owing to some flu in the family. They also, it should be noted, donated their crib (now too little for their big boys Justin & Jason) to the cause, too! Here they are with Fern. (Can't you tell that morning is one of her best times?)

Finally, Uncle Ken & Aunt Jewel brought us some yummy pizza on Sunday night, just about when we were wondering what to do for dinner! Fern was a little fussy, unfortunately, so no photos this time... Trust me, you wouldn't want them! Here are all our photos of Ken & Jewel... seems like we need to get some better ones!