Wednesday, March 01, 2006

boogie Bjorn

boogie Bjorn
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We've discovered our new favorite sling is the famous Baby Bjorn, and despite being a little sick of all the cutesy wordplay involved in baby products (believe it or not, there's a pillow called "mom's breast friend"), this one is actually a winner.

We'd been using a soft sling, but some some major spitup issues led us to the frequent advice from books and practicioners that Fern be kept upright as long as we could, especially right after each feed. Well, that was near impossible with the soft sling, but the Bjorn (we call him Sven) is perfect! She really seems to love it, too. Sven is a hand-me-down from Ellen & Jono in Washington—thanks, guys!

For those of you keeping score, witching hour sessions have come down to about five or ten minutes or less most nights! (We had a bit of an exception on Sunday, but there you go.) Kristin's been doing a lot of reading about that -- I'll ask her to blog her discoveries soon.