Friday, March 03, 2006

Elissa and Dylan come to visit

Elissa and Dylan visit
A visit from Elissa and Dylan
Elissa and her 18-month old Dylan brought us dinner last night and got to visit for a little bit. It's been great hearing stories from all of those who parented before us (just as I'm sure we'll share our experiences with those who parent after). I think the best advice we've heard, in fact, is to get as much advice as possible from everyone (and every book, Web site, and any other sundry source of information) and then, as Elissa put it, "Do what feels right." In fact, the one thing that's consistently worked for us is novelty: trying something new seems more effective than doing what worked yesterday!

Dylan and my bugs
Dylan and my bugs
Dylan is an amazing little girl, curious about everything in the house (and thereby able to find for us quite a few of the safety problems we'll have to worry about in a few months!). Just about the only thing she would retain interest in was Graham's new babies --- milkweed bugs that he's keeping for an entomology class! Here she is watching the bug, or "bz," as she called them.