Friday, March 17, 2006

more grandparents!

Grandpa Alan & Grandma Laura came to visit this weekend, and on the very first afternoon, grandpa gave feeding a try. (Fern's only gotten bottles at all for a little over a week now, and only from Graham, so far.)

It's a challenging operation, as you can see, made all the more so because of the suspicious look Fern casts on you the whole time. She's actually pretty good at it -- at times, she'll take 100cc over 20 minutes! -- but it's still not her favorite way to feed, especially if there are any distractions. (Light, especially, can distract her, but we've had so little sunlight recently I just didn't have the heart to close more curtains!)

He didn't do half badly, as you can see from the technique, and, in the picture below, he got good results!

We somehow seemed to miss all the Lola-holding-Fern picture opportunities today... a great oversight, since she certainly did her part! We'll make sure to even out the picture-taking tomorrow.

We've got some fun plans for the weekend, including Fern's first trip to a restaurant tonight and the art museum tomorrow... stay tuned!

Incidentally, unlike some of the grandparent clan, Alan hasn't picked a specific name yet, but Laura reports that her nieces call her "Lola," so she's going with that!

Here's a link to the photos featuring Alan or Laura, or (Lola).

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