Monday, March 06, 2006

Granna and Grumpa come to visit

Another set of grandparents!

Jack and Anne came to visit us this weekend and meet their new granddaughter Fern! Their visit still in progress, they've already made us a yummy dinner (including plenty of leftovers for future use!), brought us lunch (lasagna and cake made by Jewel & Ken), and are getting down to chores and making our dinner now! Thanks, guys!

I have to add another word of gratitude here to Ken and Jewel for putting Jack & Anne up at their house just five blocks away... I fear that Kristin and I would not be the best hosts just now, distracted as we are!

Apart from being terrifically helpful, Jack and Anne have furthered the conversation on grandparent names. Fern's got seven grandparents, and a few have been picking unique names for themselves. Jack has considered "Opa," the German word for grandfather, but appears to have settled on "Grumpa" now. Anne started with "Grannianne" or "Grannianna"; we agree with her feeling that Fern, smart though she is, would probably not be able to handle those for a while. She's therefore simplified it to "Granna."

Welcome Granna and Grumpa!

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