Friday, March 17, 2006

first dinner out

As you probably know, Kristin and I really love to eat out at some of San Francisco's finest restaurants. The finest of the fine, of course, is our local bistro, Le Metro Café. The idea of going out in the middle of a potential "witching hour," though, was a little daunting. But if we're going to bite the bullet anywhere, it should be at the Metro, where we've become something of a regular fixture. So, with Sven in tow, we headed down the block so grandpa Alan & grandma Laura could buy us all dinner... what's the worst that could happen?

Nothing bad, it turns out! We had a wonderful dinner, with Fern even taking an active interest in what was around her for a little while after her own feeding (right at the table!). I can tell as I write these words that for those of you who are parents this will seem like no great feat -- I mean, you go out with your babies all the time, right? But for us, it felt like a real accomplishment that we'll have to repeat! Now that we know that we can go out, the sky's the limit, right?